do i need a lintel in my fireplace

To do this, you will need to record each dimension at different points to get an accurate reading. Need help selecting the Correct Lintel? I've currently got a builder in installing a new window into my garage. hi all, we have been doing a bit of ameteur DIY and trully underestimated the work involved in opening a fire place up! In order to measure your fireplace, you will need to record the height, width, and depth. but theres newer bricks in and a small lintel,,, higher up is the origianal brick arch that would of been. “In worldwide architecture of different eras and many cultures, a lintel has been an element of post and lintel construction. David S. 1 decade ago . Certain lintels may need to be propped during construction. Any Reason To Not Install Fireplace Door No Lintel Bar Gas Logs Doityourself Com Community Forums . Look! Group the wood by relative size: large, medium, and small. If your chimney is old or if the flue lining (cement) is damaged then probably. Do not use off-cuts of bricks or blocks. Looking at SWL figures you can see that if your floor load is a 1:1 ratio (so the same weight is applied on both the inner leaf and outer leaf, then this SL50 at 900mm can take a load of 8kN on each leaf. Unless adding a fireplace door is going to weaken the structural integrity of your masonry fireplace, you do not need a lintel bar to install a fireplace door. Today they came round to cut the window opening. Lintel bearings. Supporting the Ends of the Lintel. Let’s do a really simple and neutral but beautiful tile. Contact our team for expert advice nedrapier. If you remove the frame then you will need to install a lintel. Using a Thermally Broken Lintel can help you meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations in a simple, cost effective, sustainable way. Don't try to be a “neighborhood engineer” and do anything other than follow generally accepted building standards. Owlwings. Lintel ends must be solidly built in. There are also other considerations that need to taken into account when looking to have a wood stove installed in a fireplace. What do I need to open up a fireplace? Please see the attached photos shown below. If you have large gaps that you need to fill I would use a non combustible insulation instead of trying to pack it with full of mortar. A lintel or lintol is a structural horizontal block that spans the space or opening between two vertical supports. Full Member. Ensure the lintel is level and is bedded in mortar. Favored for its woodsy fragrance and dancing flames, a wood fire brings the outdoors to the fireplace. Despite the type, in the event the lintel isn’t correctly installed, or becomes damaged they can ‘fail’ which will result […] Stand the fireplace on the hearth. A 900mm SL50 has a height of 95mm, and weighs 6.2kg per metre. The 2nd picture shows what I want to do with the fireplace. You will need an SDS-type drill with a chisel bit and hammer function (the more powerful the better as a general rule; these can be hired although very powerful hire models can be rather heavy to use). A concrete lintel is not designed to be a acrow, you are well out of your depth. It can be a decorative architectural element, or a combined ornamented structural item. I have these in my house also. It depends, my house was built by the victorians and there is a huge lintel in for a small opening. Any reason to not install fireplace door no lintel bar gas logs doityourself com community forums now you can almost masonry with our combination mounting kit clamp includes doors installing tempered glass on your pleasant hearth installation 6 easy steps. Why do I need a Thermally Broken Lintel? Lintels are required for all openings over timber frames greater than 600mm in width, & for all openings over steel frames greater than 900mm. Hell… at this moment, I can feel the humidity wafting through my chimney. In most cases it will be obvious whether or not there was once a fireplace in your house: in properties dating pre-1939 there will be a chimneybreast with alcoves to the side. The lintel is a heavy piece of angle iron that holds up the brick over the center of the fireplace and is embedded into the brick. Internal wall lintels can be corrugated steel. Making my house not fall down – fireplace, lintel, builder's opening. In general, any opening more than 600mm wide will require a supporting lintel. Often the specifications on the building plans will also state additional reinforcing measures such as steel rod through bed joints in subsequent courses of masonry above openings. Depends on the construction of the chimney too. Do I Need Lintels? I’m going to install your standard concrete lintel above a fireplace opening. My fireplace is wood-burning and therefore vented to allow airflow to the outside. Relevance. Use a pencil to mark the outline of the fireplace onto your wall. How to Light a Fireplace: The “Top-Down” Method. Do i need a liner in my fireplace chimney? If you are installing a gas burner or oil-fired central heating, yes. I have used drills with hammer chisel functions at £50, £110 and £500. we live in an old victorian house, the fire place we took out and behind that you can see the origianal. I need to enlarge it to 670mm wide to fit the fire I'm after (equivalent to removing half a brick at each side). 1 decade ago. There are cases (if the opening is very narrow for example) where you will not be required to support the wall. Favorite Answer. Want some proper acrows supporting that lot, also lintel need a minimum bearing of 150mm each end. An assessment will involve calculating the weight above the proposed door or window in order to ensure that the lintel reinforces the surrounding structure. This leads me to believe that masonry paint alone, is not durable enough to withhold the surrounding elements- particularly moisture and humidity. Once you have reached bare brick, drill holes at the sides of the fireplace to line up with the screw eyes The original 1930s fireplace in our living room was still intact when we moved in. Either way, you need to show a building Inspector that your chosen lintel can do the job you want it to do. By lintel I will assume you mean a load bearing header. Answer Save. Photo Source. In the event that the addition of a lintel bar is needed, we highly recommend contacting a professional mason to complete this installation for you. Install a lintel above the fire opening. The state of the fireplace it should never ever be used again without an insert inside it confirmed further that the flue isnt lined, I can see that through the damper and see the flue is only brick. How to spot the signs of a concealed fireplace. Some fireplaces do not have a visible lintel. A quiet statement. Installing A Wood Burning Stove In An Existing Fireplace. There are logs on the floor, that is cozy! Fine. By Phyllis Benson Fireplace grates support wood fires. It used to have a gas fire but this was removed before I bought the house. If your home already has an old fireplace the first thing you’ll need to think about is preparing the opening. 7 Answers. If you keep the metal doorframe no need for a lintel as it acts as the lintel itself. You will require a skip or area to put rubble and rubbish. More details needed. I was granted special investigatory powers to go smashy-smashy. It is important to understand the difference between a decorative lintel and one that is load-bearing. Let’s assume you need a 900mm lintel, you would look at the details of the first column of each of the two tables. The 1st one shows my fireplace as it is now. When you use your fireplace, you want to have the assurance of knowing that it’s as safe as possible. Position the fireplace doors against the fireplace, as close to the front surface of the fireplace as possible to make the fire area large. However, some believe that without a chimney and fireplace it is impossible to do this. A wood-burning fireplace makes a room cozy and warm. Above every window and door opening within the UK there is a beam for support known as a Lintel. Failing to record the proper dimensions can lead you to purchase an insert that will not fit correctly. Our guide shows you step by step how to choose the right lintel for your project. Do I need a lintel? Just putting a little sand and cement mortar under the ends of your lintels is not enough. Both my parents had wood burning stoves installed in their existing living room fireplaces, and I’ve explained below what they had to consider, and what processes they had to go through. Lv 7. 0 0. Posted 9 years ago. Scrapped. Do I Need a Grate in My Fireplace to Burn Wood? In the summer, the air is particularly humid (especially in Tennessee). Construct a full masonry unit immediately below lintel ends. I know what I want the end solution to look like but not how I get there. The answer is yes, all windows, even little 2–0x2–0 windows need a header. To make room for the lintel, he left the last course of each side wall about 2 inches short in the front. As you can see though, you may still be able to have one installed, albeit by using a different process. If you have any questions regarding installing a stove in a fireplace, or any other questions please do not hesitate to email us or call on 01926 851 570 Kasper set a steel angle lintel across the fireplace opening from side wall to side wall. Remove plaster from the area you have marked out. There are many different types of lintels that are available both natural and man made materials. Line up your largest logs across the fireplace grate. Cle has some new handmade terracotta matte tiles coming out that could be simple and beautiful. What are the psi values for Catnic’s TBL? As previously mentioned, you will almost always need to support the wall above the opening you are planning. In most cases, the lintels are carrying and transferring huge loads. The lin-tel supports the damper and the masonry above the firebox open-ing (called the fireplace face). Do You Need a Lintel? It is not enough to install them with a load-bearing rating. My mother-in-law and one of my best friends were both confused and shocked at the idea, saying ‘No, you need something cozier’. If you don’t have one, or are unsure of your current one, you might be asking yourself, “Do I need a chimney liner?” A chimney liner might not seem like an important part of your chimney, but in reality, it’s extremely useful and improves the safety of your fireplace and home. The current opening in my chimney is 470mm wide. The length of lintel bearings must be no less than 100mm with the manufacturers recommendations for minimum end bearing followed on all occasions. I myself would rebuild the left pier, right could be repaired, difficult to be … Please excuse my ignorance on this subject. The original 1930s fireplace in our living room before and after we removed it.

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